FV020 4nz. Rotojet tankr. 400b

FV020 4 Nozzles Rotojet Tank Cleaning Head 400b

This powerful water-driven tank cleaning head from the FV-series is suitable for cleaning waste containers, hoppers, road tanker compartments and silos.

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This tank cleaning head is a self-rotating head with contactless oil brake. Just like all the other heads in the FV series, this head does not have a cross-spray pattern but a vertical spray pattern. The nozzle displacement is 3 degrees per revolution, which means it goes through a complete cycle after 120 revolutions. The spray distance per revolution at 1 metre away is 5 centimetres. The rotation speed depends on the operating pressure, water flow rate, nozzle position, oil viscosity, the brake material and the type of oil used.

Workload 400 bar
Water flow 200 l/m
Temperature 90°C
Weight 5.5 kg
Brand Bolondi
Driving Water driven
Material Aluminum
Tank Opening 170 mm
Aantal nozzles 4
Connection 1/2"
Complete cleaning cycle 120-720 sec
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