Water cutting at high pressure

Water, whether or not in combination with a blasting medium, is ruthless; no material can withstand such violence! Just think of the Grand Canyon, where water has been wearing away the Earth's crust for millions of years, in combination with grit, even the toughest materials have to give.

Our solution

There is not much that is different about modern water cutting technology, except that we can't wait for millions of years. To achieve the same destructive effect in a very short period of time, we increase the pressure of the water to the extreme, up to a maximum of 3800 bar, with the lowest possible water consumption, a maximum of 8.5 litres per minute. The high-pressure water is forced through the nozzle of a spray head; together with the added blasting medium, this mixture leaves the spray head at extremely high speed. Depending on the pump capacity, the nozzle size and the quantity of blasting medium added, virtually every imaginable material can be cut, without releasing heat.

Which materials can be cut?

  • Metals: stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminium, titanium
  • Plastics: Delrin, acrylate, polycarbonate, Kevlar
  • Wood: plywood, wood, MDF
  • Foam: Ethafoam, S22
  • Rubber: from cellular rubber to Vulcalon
  • Glass: various types of glass and mirrors
  • Stone: marble, granite, ceramics, porcelain

Advantages of this cutting technique

  • No thermal load
  • No hardening of cut edges
  • No toxic gas generated
  • No mechanical stress
  • Material cutting losses are low
  • Almost burr-free cuts
  • Relatively high cutting speeds
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