Space-saving pressure washer for on-board and offshore

Is the shortage of space that you usually find on board ships and offshore a frequently-heard argument for not buying a professional pressure washer? Then we have the solution for you. Place-saving pressure washer for On-board and Offshore high-pressure cleaning and surface treatment, up to 2500 bar. The solution is the space-saving pressure washer produced by Hammelmann, type E2500-07 and E3000-07. Minimum size - maximum capacity!

Our solution

The E2500-07 is intended for 'On-board' use and has a maximum width of just 0.55 metres. The E3000-07 is intended for offshore use in zone 1, and the system can be set up permanently. The footprint of this machine is just 1.50 x 1.05 metres. The systems are available in several capacities up to a maximum of 70 kW of input power. For 'On-board' use, a capacity of 900 to 2500 bar with water consumption of 8 to 26 litres has proven very popular. For 'Offshore', a capacity of 2000 bar and a water consumption of 8.5 litres per minute is the best-selling version. This is compliant with ATEX 94/9/EC, EN S OO 14, NORSOK Standard, Z-015 Temporary Equipment.

Minimum size – maximum capacity

With a minimum footprint of 1.50 x 1.05 metres with a height of 1.50 metres, the E 3000-07 is the most compact 'Offshore' pressure washer of its kind. The range of uses on board ships or drilling rigs is legion. So lack of space is no longer an excuse for not buying a unit like this. An additional advantage is its extremely low weight of 1400 kg.


  • Water flow rate 8.5 l/min;
  • Operating pressure 2000 bar;
  • E-motor 34 kW;
  • Electrical connection 63 A plug;
  • Central lifting eye;
  • Storage space for electric cable, HP trigger gun, etc.

Intended use

  • Rust removal, paint removal;
  • Surface treatment according to NACE/SSPC Standard ”WJ1/SC2”;
  • Removal of burnt primers and paints on welds;
  • Abrasive cutting in Ex-zones;
  • Removal of fouling.

General use

  • Pipe and/or bundle cleaning;
  • Cleaning heat exchangers.

High-pressure guns are available with various lance lengths, whether or not in combination with a rotating dirt blaster for paint and rust removal and/or surface treatment. Even in the smallest spaces.

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