Robotic deburring at high pressure

At a leading foundry, where almost the whole production process is automated, specific cast components were had their cores removed and were cleaned manually until recently using an 800 bar - 80 litre/minute pressure washer. To rule out the uncertainties involved in this manual cleaning, improve and optimise the quality of the cleaning and increase productivity, and to cut the water consumption and the flow of waste material, this customer was on the lookout for a dependable partner capable of automating this part of the process. They found that partner in Waterkracht.

The solution

A 150 kW, frequency-controlled, industrial Hammelmann high-pressure pump forms the heart of this new development. At 80% of the maximum permitted operating speed, the necessary water flow rate and operating pressure are already available. The input power demand is “only”' 125 kW. This operation brings about an immediate energy saving of 25 kW, or 16.6%, which soon adds up on an annual basis. In the event of wear on the nozzles, as a consequence of the frequency regulation, the operating speed and therefore the water flow rate of the pump will increase until it is running at 100% of its available capacity, and at constant and optimal working pressure.

In practice

The cast steel products are picked up one by one by the robot from the product conveyors at a lightning-fast rate and the cores removed with high-pressure water; they are then cleaned and replaced on the product conveyors. The same is then done for the next product, and that happens 24 hours per day, day in day out. Waterkracht delivered and installed the whole project, including the engineering and the delivery of both the Hammelmann pump unit and the stainless-steel and low-noise cleaning unit, including the robot and the controls as a turn-key project.

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