Frequency-regulated high-pressure pump

'Purity' is vitally important in the food industry, and contributes to determining the quality and storage life of the finished product. Cleaning with a poor and/or unreliable cleaning system no longer makes sense. Frequency-regulated Hammelmann high-pressure pump fits the bill! Available 24 hours per day, year in, year out.

The reliability of the pressure washer

In the event of a failure, the plant can grind to a halt. In order to rule out every imaginable risk, Waterkracht has developed a static frequency-regulated pressure washer which is at the ready day and night and is ideally suited for intensive/industrial use.

Always the right capacit

Depending on the number of high-pressure guns that the system is using at any given time, the water flow rate is matched exactly to the required capacity. There is no over- or under-capacity, the system always delivers just the right capacity! The maximum capacity of the system can be coordinated so that every day, several people can use t, and in peak hours and at weekends, the number of users can even double. Because a vertically arranged, over-dimensioned, industrial Hammelmann high-pressure pump is used, which can do the job with ease, the risks of failure are negligible.

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