Europe's largest high-pressure tank washing machine

An Aquamat® XXL rotating tank washing machine manufactured by Hammelmann and supplied by Waterkracht was used successfully to remove the fireproof interior cladding of an industrial reactor. Using exactly the same treatment, the underlying coating was also removed. The planned sand-blasting therefore proved unnecessary. Instead of a few days, the job was completed within a day using this working method. When you consider that these activities have to be carried out a number of times per year, then the production technical and financial benefits, for both the customer and the industrial cleaning firm are obvious, so everyone is happy.

The Hammelmann XXL

The Hammelmann XXL rotating tank washing machine was originally developed for use in the Australian aluminium industry to remove thick layers of very stubborn dirt where the maximum tank diameter was up to 50 metres. The XXL tank washing machine is suitable for operating pressures up to 1500 bar and a maximum water throughput of up to 500 litres per minute.

In practice

To do this, in practice often two high-pressure units of 500 to 750 kW are connected together; the actual working pressure and water flow rate required depends on the degree of soiling and the desired result, and of course, the available pump capacity also plays a role.

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