Water yield (liter/min)

Submersible pumps

Waterkracht is a specialist in submersible pumps for clean water and sewage. Our range includes submersible pumps for home and garden activities or construction-related applications with very high pump capacities.

Use of a submersible pump

Our submersible pumps can be used to pump out cellars, crawl spaces, as an emergency pump during floods, for pumping slightly contaminated water or for pumping water on building sites. The range of submersible pumps varies from those that displace 90 litres of water per minute to those that can displace 3000 litres of water per minute. We can supply a suitable pump for any application. Whether the water is clean, slightly contaminated or very contaminated, we have a submersible pump for every type of water.

Important factors for buying a submersible pump

If you intend to buy a submersible pump from Waterkracht, it is important to assess the correct capacity for the pump in relation to the job to be done. Furthermore, it is important to see whether you are going to connect an immersion pump to the 230 Volt supply or high-Voltage current. To prevent the pump running dry, it is important that a float should be fitted to the submersible pump. The float ensures that the submersible pump switches on and off again if the water level rises above or falls below a given level.

Submersible pump range

If the right submersible pump is not included in our submersible pump range below, please contact Waterkracht so that we can supply you with a submersible pump of the right capacity for your activities.

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