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Static pressure washers

Waterkracht is a specialist in static cleaning systems for small and medium-sized firms. We have hot water and cold-water modules in our ranges, with one or more tapping points. Do you have a cleaning problem? We would be glad to share our ideas with you and come up with a custom solution. 

Applications of static pressure washers

Static cleaning systems can be applied, for example, in a car or truck wash tunnel, as well as for special cleaning jobs like automatic crate cleaning or removal of stickers from containers. Our static cleaning systems can handle any cleaning job. 

Hydrojet static high-pressure system

This energy-efficient, easy to maintain, robust system is available in various versions and capacities, varying from 11 kW to 22 kW. The unit is built with an industrial high-pressure pump which is directly driven by an electric motor via a flange joint. The system is frequency-controlled, which means that the net water flow rate is exactly attuned to the number of people using the system at the same time at a consistent pressure. This technically outstanding system never offers too much capacity and never too little; it's always just right.

Caddy Automatic static high-pressure system

This static cold-water high-pressure system is suitable for setting up on the floor or wall-mounting. The Caddy Automatic is for connection to a high-pressure pipe system with one or more tapping points. This high-pressure system is very simple to use, is easy to service and has a long service life. This machine's value for money makes it very popular in the car wash business, agriculture and the food industry. This system has modular construction, making it suitable for various cleaning problems and businesses.

Diesel burner module for hot water

Specifically for static high-pressure cleaning systems, Waterkracht has developed diesel oil-fired heating modules, which can be connected by means of high-pressure hoses to the high-pressure system and the high-pressure pipe system. These are very compact, responsive heating modules which are each individually equipped with a built-in diesel oil burner. These modules are capable of heating high-pressure water up to 98 °C, and the desired water temperature is thermostatically adjustable. Features of these burners:
  • No hot water travels through the high-pressure pump, so no extra pump maintenance is required;
  • The modules are supplied complete with control system, and are easy to install;
  • Instant operation, so no wasted time or energy (as with a water heater system);
  • Lower fuel consumption due to high burner efficiency;
  • Only heats when water is actually used (direct heating principle);
  • A diesel oil burner is reliable and has a long service life;
  • Easy to maintain.

Gas burner module for hot water

The GASBOY static hot-water pressure washer is designed for the professional user with exacting requirements concerning cleaning capacity, user-friendliness and reliability, as well as caring about the environment. The Gasboy is a very compact, responsive static hot water pressure washer, equipped with a built-in natural gas burner. By using natural gas as a fuel, the user is certain of a clean heating system. The automatic control switches on the GASBOY as soon as it is used for cleaning, and when the work stops, after a short stand-by period, it switches off again automatically. The user-friendly system guarantees optimal, reliable and safe operation.

Your own static cleaning system

Looking for a cleaning system for your cleaning problem? We have the right solution for any application. For more information about our static cleaning systems, check out our standard range of static pressure washers below. Of course, we would be glad to share our ideas about a custom system with you.

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