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Hot water pressure washers

Waterkracht offers hot water pressure washers for effective cleaning in various applications, for example in the construction industry, agriculture and manufacturing. The hot water pressure washers from the Waterkracht range are compact, high-quality pressure washers, carefully designed down to the tiniest detail, and depending on the version, for semi-professional, professional or industrial use.

Specific hot water pressure washer features

The mobile hot water pressure washers have specific features such as: simple operation, large capacity, very reliable and easy to maintain, as well as manoeuvrable, easy to transport and usable virtually at any time and anywhere. The water temperature of our hot water pressure washers varies from 60 °C to 140 °C; for hot water or steam. Our hot water pressure washers have a heating coil, and to avoid limescale deposits in the heating coil, most cleaners have an anti-limescale dosage system.

Cleaning systems with hot water

Various problems can be solved with our hot water pressure washers. A few examples of this are: removing graffiti, chewing gum, façade cleaning, weed control, cleaning of vehicles, workplaces or livestock sheds.

Hot water pressure washer range

The types of hot water pressure washers vary from semi-professional to industrial use. Check out our selection of hot water pressure washers below.

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