Colorado 530

Colorado 530 HP-Unit

The Hot Aqua Blaster in the Colorado series is a trailer-mounted model with the patented Boiling Hot water Technique® and comes in a twin-axle trailer with a fibreglass-reinforced structure. 

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The Hot Aqua Blaster Colorado is equipped with an industrial liquid-cooled Kubota diesel engine, which drives the industrial Pratissoli high-pressure pump via a toothed belt drive. The turbo-diesel engine is equipped with a heat exchanger, the primary side is connected to the engine's cooling system, and the secondary side to the water tank on the suction side of the high-pressure pump. The pre-heated water is then heated to the desired final temperature using a highly efficient high-pressure heating coil. The Waterkracht Ecoboiler heating system can achieve fuel savings of up to 20%! The series is equipped as standard with a Waterkracht-Zero pressure regulation system, which ensures that if the high-pressure trigger is switched off, the pressure is turned off in the whole unit, from the trigger gun back to the high-pressure pump, so including the hose. When work resumes, the operating pressure of the system is restored immediately.

Kind Warm water, Steam, Boiling water
Recommended for Vehicle cleaning, Workplace cleaning, Graffiti removal, Gum removal, Facade cleaning, Weed control
Use Average usage (pro), Heavy duty (industrial)
Workload 500 bar
Water flow 30 l/m
Mobility Movable, Trailer
Nutrition Diesel
Temperature 98°C
Wealth 28000W
Model Hot Aqua Blaster
HD-Slang 15 m
Size 4100x1830x2020
Weight 2000 kg
Fuel tank 150+85 liter
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