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For irrigation, Waterkracht not only deals with the irrigation of crops and plants in the dry season, but also, for example, frost protection for fruit growers in the spring. Whichever system you choose for whichever application, it always requires the right quantity of water in the right place. Waterkracht's irrigation systems are ideally suited for this purpose.

Applications of irrigation systems

There are many different applications where irrigation systems can be used. Waterkracht has experience in the irrigation field with the following applications:
  • Spraying plants and crops;
  • Spraying lawns, grass fields and pastures;
  • Spraying sports pitches;
  • Frost prevention in fruit growing;
  • Watering tennis courts, motocross courses and horse-riding rings.

Pressure loss in an irrigation system

If large areas are to be irrigated, a pressure loss in the hose should be anticipated. When liquid flows through a pipe or hose, frictional heat is generated. The longer the distance that the liquid has to travel, the more the pressure drops. Waterkracht will calculate for you precisely which irrigation system will provide optimal irrigation for your applications.

Irrigation sprinkler & sprinkler gun range

A complete irrigation system consists of the following components: the pump, the pipes, shut-off valves, couplings and sprayers. Check out our irrigation sprinkler range below, to see the various irrigation sprinklers and guns for your irrigation system. If you would like a complete custom irrigation system for your watering problem, just contact us, without any obligation on your part.

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