Atlantis SW 315 Silent + Sani

Atlantis SW 315 Silent + Sani

The Atlantis SW 315 is suitable for vacuuming dust and water. This compact wet and dry vacuum cleaner with its polypropylene tank is extremely quiet.

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The powerful suction motor of this wet and dry vacuum cleaner provides excellent suction. The 8.5-metre long electric lead can be secured onto the motor head. The bumper strip underneath the tank gives the appliance extra protection. The vacuum cleaner is fitted with an anti-bacterial filter. This filter comes with a test document from the University of Canada. This document provides information about relevant bacteria including salmonella, for example.

Use Light usage (semi-pro), Average usage (pro)
Nutrition Electric (wired)
Model Atlantis
E-Kabel 8.5 m
Weight 11 kg
Volt 230
Watt 1500
Under pressure 2180 mmH20
Volume 205
Boiler capacity 27 liter
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