Weed control without chemicals

The authorities have banned use of chemical herbicides. Chemical weedkillers are no longer allowed to be used on paved surfaces such as pavements and slabs. Waterkracht has developed an alternative to chemical weed control. The WeedMaster from Waterkracht can remove weeds with boiling hot water, without adding any chemicals or poisons.

The WeedMaster by Waterkracht

The WeedMaster is extremely suitable for weed control without using chemicals. The WeedMaster by Waterkracht is environment-friendly and sustainable in use. The WeedMaster is suitable for any paved or semi-paved surfaces, using hot water sprayed at low pressure onto the surface being treated.
  •   Weed control without using chemicals
  •   Weed control by gardeners
  •   Weed control by local authorities
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How weed control works without use of chemicals

By using the Boiling Hot water Technique®, Waterkracht has found a method of killing weeds in an environment-friendly way. The energy-packed boiling water droplets hit the weeds at a carefully-selected pressure. At the moment of impact, the boiling water droplets explode and the energy turns the water into steam, which is also known as a thermal shock effect. The weed's cells are boiled instantly and burst. The weed dies and blows away after a few days.

Key features of the WeedMaster

  • Very precise and constant temperature control (approx. 98 ºC);
  • Sustainable and outdoor-proof;
  • No foam additive necessary (cost savings);
  • Anti-limescale product dosing unit with filler aperture on the outside of the machine;
  • Simple operation;
  • Steel coil and housing;
  • Low water consumption.


More information about environment-friendly weed control

For more information about this environment-friendly method of weed control, and about the WeedMaster, contact us at Waterkracht, with no obligation on your part.
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