Truck, car-wash and other vehicle cleaning equipment

Waterkracht specialises in car-wash, truck-wash and wash tunnel equipment. The systems are effective, environment-friendly and economical to run. The wash tunnel equipment from Waterkracht has the advantage that brushing and leathering are no longer needed. Within 10 minutes you have a gleaming vehicle without any risk of damage. Yet you use less water and chemical cleaning agents.
  •   Truck cleaning
  •   Car cleaning
  •   Cleaning of other means of transport
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Environment-friendly car-wash systems

Waterkracht's environment-friendly car-wash systems can be found in car-washes and self car-wash cubicles at garages and service stations all over the Netherlands. Our static pressure washers form the heart of this equipment. Ask us for information without obligation on your part about the numerous possibilities for car-wash and truck-wash systems.

Environment-friendly truck-wash facilities

Are you in the transport industry? Then Waterkracht has just the right cleaning equipment to wash your truck in an effective and environment-friendly way. We supply all kinds of cleaning equipment, which you can use for cleaning not only trucks, but also cleaning of load space and containers.
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