Cleaning systems for the public sector

Waterkracht has lots of cleaning systems for the public sector too. You only need to think of our cleaning systems for local authorities, or for equipment used by the army or the air force. We also provide many cleaning systems for water utilities, for example, cleaning wells or sewers.

Cleaning systems for local authorities

Waterkracht supplies a comprehensive range of pressure washers to local authorities. Our cleaning systems are of high quality: reliable, easy to maintain, quiet and flexible in use. Our pressure washers are user-friendly and can remove simply and economically all kinds of unwanted items on the streets. Besides removing weeds, chewing gum and graffiti, pressure washers are extremely suitable for cleaning containers and waste bins.
  •   Removal of chewing gum, graffiti, posters
  •   Cleaning waste bins and containers
  •   Cleaning and inspection wells
  •   Weed removal
  •   Sewer inspection
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Cleaning systems for the armed forces

Cleaning aircraft, helicopters or tanks. The armed forces have to do this kind of job regularly. Waterkracht offers the armed forces a wide range of pressure washers. Economical and environment-friendly pressure washers to enable users to clean aircraft, tanks or helicopters effectively and efficiently.

Cleaning and inspection of wells and culverts

If you need to do things like cleaning or inspecting a well, or cleaning a culvert, then Waterkracht has just the right pressure-washer for you. Our high-pressure cleaning equipment enables you to pressure-wash your wells, in an efficient, environment-friendly way. Cleaning and inspection of wells or cleaning of culverts? We would be glad to help you solve your cleaning problem.

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