Ship cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is a good method for cleaning boats and ships, not only the hull but for cleaning the rest of your vessel too. Whether you want to clean the deck or other forms of ship and boat cleaning, Waterkracht offers you an extensive choice of suitable pressure washers. This high-pressure cleaning equipment ensures efficient and environment-friendly cleaning of your ship or boat.
  •   Ship cleaning
  •   Stripping ships' hulls
  •   Cleaning oil tanks
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The Spiderjet 3000

The Spiderjet® 3000 is designed specifically for fast and effective stripping of horizontal and vertical surfaces; curved surfaces with a minimum radius of 3 metres are no problem either. Besides cleaning and stripping of ships, the Spiderjet® has been used very successfully for cleaning large oil tanks, both on the inside and the outside. And while we are on the subject of the bottom of oil tanks, once the dirt has been sprayed loose and vacuumed out, it then becomes easy to inspect the welds.

Dockboy, Dockmaster and Dockmate

These are Hammelmann's hydraulically-driven ship cleaners. These machines are automated to a large extent, so that the ship's hull, the deck and other surfaces can be cleaned in a fraction of the time for conventional methods. These completely self-contained vehicles only require a connection to an ultra-high-pressure pump unit. These cleaning systems are operated using a remote-control unit.