Industrial cleaning with Waterkracht's cleaning systems

Waterkracht is THE specialist in industrial cleaning. We have proven our worth in many different sectors with our industrial pressure washers. From using our standard pressure washers to complete custom-designed cleaning systems. We offer you equipment including Industrial vacuum cleaners, mobile and static cleaning units and industrial cleaning machines. At Waterkracht, we like to combine the power of industrial cleaning with user-friendliness in daily use. Our certified quality assurance system guarantees consistent performance by our industrial cleaning equipment. We would be glad to help you come up with ideas for a suitable system for your cleaning problem. For example, we came up with a system to peel raisins mechanically using high pressure.
  •   Cleaning drums, storage tanks and waste containers
  •   Cleaning shop floors
  •   Cutting all kinds of materials
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Cleaning drums, hopper tanks, road tankers and waste containers

Waterkracht has tank washing sprayers in its range for cleaning drums, tanks, silos and waste containers of any size. Because cleaning the inside of a tank is a tough job, we have come up with the perfect solution, the tank washer head. The tank washer heads are ideally suited for decontamination and disinfection of tanks. Due to the rotary operation of the head, the whole interior of the tank is cleaning in next to no time, without an operator needing to intervene. Waterkracht can even supply the largest tank washer head in Europe, which can clean a tank of up to 50 metres in diameter.


Cleaning equipment for industrial machines

Need cleaning equipment for your engineering plant or construction firm? You can choose from a comprehensive product range at Waterkracht. Our cleaning systems make degreasing of machinery, structural steelwork and metals a simple and environment-friendly chore. Besides finding a high-pressure system that matches your needs, you can also come to Waterkracht for the maintenance of your industrial cleaning system. Our service department is available 24/7 and works quickly and effectively. Moreover, our nationwide coverage enables us to reach you quickly on site to maintain your equipment.


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