Professional façade cleaning

Do you need to clean, renovate, blast or waterproof a façade? Then Waterkracht has the right pressure washers for you. Waterkracht specialises in high-pressure cleaning systems for professional façade cleaning. An extremely effective high-pressure cleaning method for façade cleaning and blasting is the Hot Aqua Blaster. This works using an environment-friendly, patented Boiling Hot water Technique®.
  •   Cleaning façades
  •   Building cleaning
  •   Pavement cleaning
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Façade cleaning and wall maintenance

Are façade cleaning and façade maintenance part of your routine activities? Building firms and cleaning companies all over the Netherlands make use of Waterkracht pressure cleaners to help them carry out this kind of work. Waterkracht pressure washers are always user-friendly and economical to run, and can be used for both effective and environment-friendly façade cleaning and maintenance.

Removing graffiti

Local authorities have the job of removing graffiti, cleaning waste bins and containers and controlling weeds. Waterkracht supplies the kind of pressure washers needed for these jobs. We specialise in economical and environment-friendly cleaning systems for the public sector. For example, Waterkracht uses the patented Boiling Hot water Technique®. This technique enables you to remove graffiti from walls using only hot water. Waterkracht's Hot Aqua Blaster is ideally suited for this chore.

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