Cleaning equipment for construction and road building

Pressure washers are essential in construction and road building. Waterkracht supplies a comprehensive product range of high-pressure cleaning equipment up to 3000 bar. Our cleaning systems are of high quality: reliable, easy to maintain, quiet and flexible in use. Our pressure washers are particularly effective and you can use them for various materials. Water-blasting concrete, steel, aluminium and wood come to mind.

  •   Cleaning of construction plant
  •   Concrete renovation or cleaning
  •   Removal of road markings
  •   Sewer inspection
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Concrete renovation or removal of road markings

Concrete renovation, cleaning concrete or removal of road markings. Waterkracht offers road building firms a wide range of suitable high-pressure cleaning machines for carrying out these activities effectively. (Road) building firms throughout the Netherlands make use of our environment-friendly cleaning equipment.

Sewer inspection in the construction industry

With the camera-equipped sewer inspection system from Waterkracht, you can inspect sewers very effectively for blockages. Waterkracht also has built-in sewer inspection equipment for building into, for example, a company vehicle.