Cleaning in the agricultural sector with Waterkracht's pressure washers

Waterkracht supplies pressure washers and cleaning machines for the agricultural sector. Our pressure washers can be used for all kinds of applications on and around the farm. Our pressure washers are used, for example, to clean livestock sheds, floors, walls, roofs as well as agricultural vehicles and workshops. Thanks to our extensive dealer network, you will always find one near you.

  •   Cleaning livestock sheds
  •   Cleaning agricultural vehicles
  •   Crop and pasture irrigation
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Cleaning livestock sheds with Waterkracht pressure washers

Waterkracht has developed the special Buggy line for cleaning livestock sheds. These are robust stainless-steel pressure washers that can withstand a few knocks. These pressure washers are very popular with farmers due to their long service life and low maintenance requirement. The Buggy is available in various versions with different operating pressures and water flow rates. Check in our pressure washer range which Buggy is best suited to your cleaning problem.

Cleaning tractors and other agricultural vehicles

Cleaning tractors, cleaning combine harvesters, in other words cleaning agricultural machinery is all part of the routine activities for any farmer. Waterkracht's many years of experience in pressure-washing in the agricultural sector and many others has resulted in machines that are ideally suited for this cleaning chore. Our pressure washers are efficient, environment-friendly and practical to use. The cleaning of agricultural vehicles has never been so effective and simple.


During dry periods, Waterkracht offers irrigation sprinklers and irrigation pumps for agriculture and crops. We can configure your irrigation system exactly the way you want. If you are looking for a custom-made irrigation system, then please contact us.