Environment-friendly weed control with the WeedMaster S


The WeedMaster S is a professional hot water environment-friendly weedkilling machine. This weedkilling machine is simple to operate and has low water consumption. The WeedMaster is supplied including hot-water grubber and 10-metre long working hose. If you are on location, you can start environment-friendly weed control straightaway. Furthermore, the WeedMaster has the following advantages and specifications:
  • Anti-limescale product dosing unit with filler aperture on the outside of the machine;
  • Low-speed (1450 rpm) electric motor, easy maintenance vane pump with brass pump head;
  • Water intake filter;
  • Steel coil and housing;
  • Very compact and easy to transport;
  • 98°C temperature suitable for fast weed killing;
  • Separate tanks for anti-limescale liquid and fuel
For more information about the WeedMaster, click on the WeedMaster section or contact us with no obligation on your part.
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