Waterkracht's foundation

Waterkracht was founded in the mid-'sixties out of Kramp, a supplier of technical parts, particularly for the agricultural sector. In the past, Kramp imported 'Frank' steam cleaners for the Dutch market. This part of the company was converted in 1972 into an independent company named 'Waterkracht'.


After that, the company became the importer for Pratissoli high-pressure pumps, Bolondi tank washer heads, Hammelmann high-pressure pumps up to 4000 bar, Rovatti centrifugal pumps and much more besides. The market generated demand not only for standard equipment, but also for custom systems such as static equipment for several people, and self-supporting systems in trailers and commercial vehicles.

Waterkracht today

Waterkracht has now grown into THE leading company in the Netherlands for high-pressure cleaning and custom cleaning systems. You can rely on 45 years' experience with a nationwide service and dealer network. We make sure that you can carry on working with your equipment in next to no time. Waterkracht also has an extremely modern logistics and manufacturing system. Parts you order before 5 p.m. today can be delivered to you tomorrow. Waterkracht has a good working relationship with its dealers and has an extensive dealer network where consumers can buy Waterkracht products. Doing business with Waterkracht means: Cutting-edge cleaning.