Waterkracht, advanced cleaning

What could be more Dutch than a scrubbed doorstep and washing hanging in the breeze? Our watery country has a bright, clean image. So it almost goes without saying that Waterkracht uses the power of water in its excellent cleaning systems. Saving time, money and the environment is really Dutch too. For us, cleaning properly is a question of common sense and good equipment. A clear calculation of the best method to carry out certain tasks, and supplying a machine that does exactly that.

We design, make and supply effective cleaning systems.

Your questions and cleaning problems are our answers. We supply good equipment with clear benefits, because durability and cost-cutting effectiveness go hand in hand with a concern for people and the environment. User-friendliness, ease of use and minimising the use of chemical cleaning agents are also part of every Waterkracht concept. The best equipment has more qualities and Waterkracht has them all. For you, that means 'advanced cleaning'. We supply, among other things:
  • Static pressure washers, both hot and cold-water pressure washers;
  • Mobile pressure washers, both hot and cold-water cleaning systems;
  • Pressure washers for outside wall and sewer cleaning;
  • Laying and installation of high-pressure pipe systems and accessories;
  • Various types of cold water high-pressure systems up to 4000 bar;
  • Complete irrigation systems.

Our product range

Waterkracht B.V. is an independent company that makes and sells both high-pressure cleaning equipment and sewer inspection and cleaning systems. Waterkracht represents the following brands:
  • FRANK hot and cold-water pressure washers;
  • Portotecnica hot and cold-water pressure washers;
  • Portotecnica floorcare (sweeping and scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners);
  • Pratissoli high-pressure plunger pumps;
  • Hammelmann mega-high-pressure cleaning technology;
  • Iduna and Snowclean cleaning agents;
  • Rovatti centrifugal pumps for irrigation systems and industrial applications;
  • Bolondi tank cleaning heads;
  • Rico sewer inspection equipment.

The better alternative

Waterkracht always starts out from a question and the best solution. We apply not only our knowledge and production facilities, but can also depend on partners with a complementary product range. That gives us flexibility, to join the customer in going straight to the best solution.

Special from design through to manufacture

Waterkracht has or makes the cleaning equipment that exactly matches all the requirements imposed. Mobile powerhouses that clean with the exact amount of power, or static solutions with fully automatic pump units and pipe systems with various connectors for different applications. We have or make the best cleaning system for any cleaning problem.

Waterkracht dealers

Waterkracht has an extensive dealer network. We are always on the lookout for new dealers to expand our network even further. If you would like to become a dealer for our product range, then contact us without obligation on your part.