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Trailer-mounted pressure washer

Waterkracht is the specialist in trailer-mounted mobile pressure washers. Over the years, our trailer-mounted models have been honed to meet our customers' entire satisfaction. Our range includes the single-axle Hudson and Yukon models and the twin-axle Colorado trailer models.

Boiling Hot water Technique®

The trailer models are equipped with our Boiling Hot water Technique®. This environment-friendly cleaning method is totally unique. The structure of the trailer is fully reinforced with fibreglass. The base has a complete waterproof coating and is sealed. The modular components are made of stainless steel and aluminium. Using only durable materials considerably extends the service life of our trailers.

Environmentally friendly

Our trailer pressure washers are equipped with an Ecoboiler, which is the cleanest burner of its kind. The CO emissions of the burner are only 33 ppm. Waterkracht's model is the only one of its kind to meet the strict German Bimsch standard of 60 ppm. A certificate can be supplied on request. The heat of the engine is re-used by the heat exchange for the high-pressure pump. This pre-heats the water (18 litres/minute) to 14 °C. To heat 18 litres of water to 14 °C uses 2.2 litres of fuel. That is how much you save per hour! If it operates for 500 hours per year, you will save over 1000 litres of fuel per year.

Ease of use of trailer-mounted pressure washers

You operate the pressure washer in a trailer using an extremely user-friendly touchscreen. Since all the electrical switched components are on the machine itself, only the control current needs to be connected to the machine. This saves a lot of wiring and makes the machine a lot more reliable.

The advantages of our trailer models.

  • Equipped with Boiling Hot water Technique®;
  • Cost-effective (25% to 100% more impact);
  • User-friendly (less physical exertion);
  • Economical in use (50% less water consumption);
  • Environment-friendly (no chemicals);
  • Can be supplied with steam function
  • Long service life
  • High capacity

What some of our customers for the Hot Aqua Blaster trailer model think

"We were looking for a professional pressure washer in a trailer that would support our company for various cleaning jobs. We came to Waterkracht in Varsseveld and chose the Hot Aqua Blaster. We are very satisfied with Waterkracht's Hot Aqua Blaster. We use it for all sorts of cleaning jobs and the machine works entirely satisfactorily. Since acquiring the Hot Aqua Blaster, we can solve any cleaning problem."
"Thanks to the Waterkracht Hot Aqua Blaster, it is easy for us to clean façades, remove chewing gum, graffiti and paint. The Hot Aqua Blaster is very user-friendly in operation. An additional advantage is that the Hot Aqua Blaster is very economical to use. Because the machine is so fuel-efficient, we have already saved a lot of money in the past few years. What is noticeable is that the Hot Aqua Blaster uses less water than other machines but it has more cleaning power. That is due to this machine's Boiling Hot water Technique®. We would recommend the Hot Aqua Blaster to anyone."
"We bought the Hot Aqua Blaster for cleaning façades. Once we had this pressure washer, we soon realised that we could use it for a whole lot of other cleaning tasks. What really astonished us was the extreme cleaning power that this machine delivers, due to its Boiling Hot water Technique®. This pressure washer enables us to do cleaning jobs much faster and more meticulously

Trailer-mounted pressure washer range

If you would like more information or are looking for trailer-mounted pressure washers, check out our range of trailer-mounted pressure washers below.

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