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Petrol-powered pressure washers

Waterkracht also has robust cold-water pressure washers powered by a petrol engine in its range. These petrol-powered pressure washers are specially for intensive users and price-conscious businesses. A petrol-powered pressure washer is particularly suitable for locations where no electricity supply is available.

Aquabar series

Waterkracht's Aquabar series is a petrol-powered pressure washer series. They are mobile cold-water pressure washers. This series of Waterkracht pressure washers ranges from 170 to 240 bar and a water flow rate of 9 to 15 litres per minute. These machines have the capability of dosing cleaning agents at low pressure. Moreover, the pressure regulator has a knob which means the pressure washer can be adjusted for any given job. You don't need to worry about the length of the power cable, and with these pressure washers you can clean anywhere.

Petrol-powered pressure washers

Our petrol-powered pressure washers can be adjusted for any given cleaning job, and are very robust, making them suitable for use on building sites, for example. Check out our petrol-powered pressure washers.
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